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Whats your name?

Your FULL name. The one that your significant other uses to scold you when you did something wrong.
What do you do for a living?

Surely something you do must bring home the bacon.
I want to create a *

What's your {{answer_28257265}} called?

We need to refer to this project by a name (instead of calling it "{{answer_28256929}}'s super cool project" which gets tiring to say after a while)
What's the general purpose of your {{answer_28257265}} *

Your project should have a primary focus, and a few other cool features to keep users hooked. What are they?
What were the pain points you experienced that inspired you to come up with this idea? *

If you were intoxicated when you came up with this idea, let it go. Trust us.
How do you envision solving these pain points with your {{answer_28257265}} *

Please give rationalized details as your response will drive the entire thinking process of how we will build your product. Don't let the importance of this question intimidate you though :)
How long have you been thinking about and planning this idea? *

A healthy amount of planning is always a good thing. It will ensure our discussions will be very productive and based on well-rationalized thoughts. Who doesn't love those, right?

If any competitors exist in the market, please list who they are and what you would do differently to surpass their achievements.

Welcome to "The Uber of..." and "The Tinder of..." age.
At what stage is your business? *

All stages are welcome and we'll be glad to jump in at any point you need help.

Do you have any supporting material available?

Sketches, scoping documents, wireframes, whatever you have will help us visualize your idea if/when we meet.
Who do you envision will be the key users of your {{answer_28257265}}

Try to identify your initial users, and who your product could expand its reach to in the short and long term.
Do you have an idea on how you plan on monetising this {{answer_28257265}}? If yes, please list the revenue streams you have in mind.

It's ok if you're still not sure if you want to make money, or how you want to make money out of your product yet.
Do you have a budget in mind for this project?

Although it's usually seen as a sensitive question, planning against a disclosed budget will help us come up with the best strategy to meet all your needs within the allocated budget cap.
How would you prefer our working arrangement to be?

We welcome either way that you're the most comfortable with.

The Waterfall Process means we will establish a predefined scope of work, quote that scope, and deliver to meet all that scope's requirements. This is best for working against a tight budget and timeline.

Agile is more of an open-ended arrangement where we constantly test and improve the product until it's solid and ready for market. This process works on an hourly-rate and doesn't have a clearly defined budget or timeline (dirty estimates may be provided though)

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